Chinese Attack on USIS Exploiting SAP Vulnerability

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Chinese Attack on USIS Exploiting SAP Vulnerability

This whitepaper on “Chinese Attack on USIS Exploiting SAP Vulnerability,” contains research details on SAP attack timeline and documents what SAP vulnerability was exploited also provides recommendations on how to avoid data breaches in SAP systems. It addresses key questions like:

  • After the Chinese attack, what were the most critical and popular vulnerabilities affecting SAP Systems?

  • What kind of SAP vulnerabilities were exploited during the attack?

  • Why is SAP Vulnerability Assessment important? How we can help with SAP Vulnerability Assessment?

  • What steps should be taken if you discover potential security vulnerability in any SAP Software?

Download this informative whitepaper that includes an attempt to look deeper into SAP vulnerabilities and analyze what has transpired. It focuses on:

  • Importance of protecting SAP Systems

  • Guidelines for initial sap security vulnerabilities and most critical security checks

  • Possible outcomes of the attacks on SAP

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