Security Guards in Retail - Now You Will Need Them Even More
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Security Guards in Retail - Now You Will Need Them Even More

David Cross, Uk Client Manager,Angleside

The role of security guards is essential for every retail business. Stores are exposed to many risks, and their owners should recognize the need for guards' support in this matter. After all, retail security is not only about products and stock, but also about employees' and customers' safety.

Recently, the work of a security guard comes with even more significant responsibility. For the last few months, there's one more threat we all need to consider - the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. It affects almost every aspect of our lives, including the retail industry.

Here's how security guards can be of help in these difficult times.

What are the responsibilities of security guards in retail?

Before moving on, however, it's worth mentioning what are the primary duties of security guards outside of the pandemic.

1. First of all, guards protect the retail businesses from shoplifting, robberies, and burglaries. Whenever you run a brick-and-mortar retail business, your products are the most significant investment. Stocking the shop generates the highest expense, comparable only to the rent or building maintenance. That's why it's so important for retail businesses to protect their most valuable assets. In most cases, the presence of security guards deters criminals or petty thieves from stealing. On the other hand, if someone decides to commit a crime, security guards are there to catch him or her red-handed and report them to the police.

2. Another responsibility of a security guard is to manage any emergencies. Because they are trained to cope with different scenarios, they know how to handle stressful situations, conflicts, or even how to proceed in case of a natural disaster. Their help is invaluable.

3. Almost every retail store has a parking area, and it's the store owner's responsibility to ensure customers are safe there. The best way to do it is to hire professionally trained security guards. With their excellent observational skills and ability to stay vigilant all the time, they notice any irregularities quickly and can easily handle them.

4. Most of the retail businesses need security guards also to restrict access to the building when necessary. It can be either to control traffic around areas for authorized stuff only or by the main entrance.

5. Finally, the presence of security guards ensures something that we could call a sense of security. Everybody (employees, owners, customers) feel more confident in the store, knowing that experienced security guards are there to prevent dangerous situations.

The new circumstances

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has changed the way we live. In many countries, restrictions are not so severe anymore, but still, people have to get used to some rules if they want to go out for a drink or go shopping. Retail businesses are especially exposed to risks related to the virus, as these are usually crowded spaces, where people are close to each other.

Retailers need to implement social distancing measures and control the number of customers.

How to do it?

- Make sure to place social distancing markings around the shop. The easiest way to do it is to mark spots on the floor, with an eye-catching sticky tape.

- Try to implement one-way traffic so that people move around the store in an organised way. Separate entrance and exit points will help you ensure that.

- Introduce limits when it comes to the number of customers inside the store. Usually, the numbers are indicated by the law now (they depend on various factors, such as the size of the store), but make sure to enforce them. Inform customers about the limits and ask them to wait in a queue in front of the shop, until they are allowed in. It's the best way for you to control the traffic.

- Keep reminding customers and employees about the social distancing policies. Regular announcements that can be heard from speakers are a good idea.

- Analyze the traffic in your shop and adjust the working hours to it. It's possible that you will have to extend the working time to provide service to everybody.

Why are security guards so crucial in retail now?

The main task of a security guard is to prevent any dangerous situations and emergency escalations. That's why their role during the pandemic is also essential. Security guards can be very helpful in enforcing social distancing measures and controlling the crowd. Customers do not always follow all the rules, and it's good to have someone who can remind them about the need to keep the distance.

Guards can also make sure that the number of customers allowed inside the store doesn't exceed the acceptable limit. It's especially essential during peak times when people are in a rush and tend to forget about restrictions.

Experienced and professionally trained security guards have to do all these extraordinary tasks and not forget about their usual responsibilities. Shoplifting, conflict escalations, or emergencies still take place during the pandemic, and security guards have to handle them.

If you're looking for versatile guards, that can cope with all these duties and keep your retail business safe, get in touch with Angleside. We offer a wide range of services and can adjust them to the client's needs. With our security guards, you can be sure that all risks are minimized and your company is secure. 

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