W.UP and Facetec Join Hands to Provide MKB Bank Strong Mobile Security in Central Europe
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W.UP and Facetec Join Hands to Provide MKB Bank Strong Mobile Security in Central Europe

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 1, 2018

W.UP, a provider of cutting edge, cloud-based products and services to financial institutions, has partnered with FaceTec, a developer of ZoOm 3D Face Login, to deliver MKB Bank the first Mobile Banking 3D Face Login in Central Europe. The partnership between the two companies aims to deliver strong mobile security to MKB Bank without sacrificing user convenience.

MKB is Hungary’s fourth largest bank and has released its native mobile banking application (“MKB Mobilalkalmazás”) for both iOS and Android users in 2016. However, in 2017, the bank integrated FaceTec’s ZoOm 3D face login SDK in its latest edition of the mobile banking app. The new version is based on W.UP’s Mobile.UP developer framework, which is flexible and easy-to-deploy solution for both iOS and Android. It uses face authentication, instead of a PIN code or a password, which enables MKB’s users to login easier and faster.

“Unlike pre-packaged mobile banking applications, Mobile.UP enables banks to implement new functions and features every few months. The implementation of face recognition is a fine example. Just after three months from the initial request from MKB Bank, they released an app update with the ZoOm face authentication feature that made mobile banking more secure and even more simple,” said Bela Bodnar, CEO of W.UP.

Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec, said that ZoOm could be quickly integrated into any iOS or Android app, but the challenging requirements for mobile banking access require a secure and intuitive 3D Face login solution. With W.UP’s integration and support expertise, ZoOm 3D Face Login exceeded the tough implementation requirements and now provides significantly upgraded security to banking customers at the most critical point of user interaction, the login screen.