Intrinsic-ID: Delivering Top-Level Security for the Cloud

Pim Tuyls, CEO
Today’s IT environment has been witnessing a continuous bombardment of data flow into the cloud. With billions of files being synchronized each day, the sync and share model leads to increased flexibility, yet it also gives rise to higher security risks such as jeopardizing the digital assets or data shared in the cloud.

Coming to the aid of companies and individuals concerned with protecting their data used in the cloud is Eindhoven, Netherlands based Intrinsic-ID. Founded in 2008, Intrinsic-ID provides device-unique data security and user authentication solutions that seamlessly enable the highest level of security, in the most cost-effective way. The firm’s patented ‘Hardware Intrinsic Security’ (HIS) technology extracts unique identifiers from innate characteristics of each semiconductor to generate highquality, independent security keys.

Since the keys are only extracted when needed and do not remain stored on the system, there is nothing for attackers to find.

The Differentiating “HIS Technology”

Intrinsic-ID’s products are based on its patented HIS technology. Its newest offering is focused on the cloud where billions of files are accessed and shared every day. Saturnus is a combined software/ hardware, device-unique cloud security solution. With two-factor authentication, something the user has and something the user knows, Saturnus provides the highest level of independent security commercially available.

Our HIS easily and securely reduces security and privacy risks

Files are encrypted before they are uploaded to the cloud from a PC, tablet or mobile device, with encryption keys being generated and managed inside a USB token that is totally independent of a third party.

Security is therefore anchored in the hardware by means of private and local keys. With Saturnus, enterprises, governments and end users are assured of complete data protection and are compliant with laws and regulations easily and cost-effectively. Saturnus runs with Dropbox on Android and Windows platforms and is blazingly fast.

HIS is a key differentiator for Intrinsic-ID. According to the company’s CEO, Pim Tuyls Intrinsic offers its HIS technology both at embedded level, where it is incorporated into other products and devices, as well as at the application level as in Saturnus:

“Intrinsic’s solutions are essential to today’s connected world. Our HIS easily and securely reduces security and privacy risks, enabling us to provide both manufacturers and end users with a cost-effective solution to one of today’s biggest challenges.”

The company’s security expertise spans several markets and applications including Smart Cards, automotive, networking and communications, mobile as well as government and military applications. Intrinsic ID’s solutions are easy to integrate in a standard manufacturing flow, highly scalable, and have a very small area or software footprint, which enables mass-scale deployment in cost sensitive consumer applications.

Looking ahead, Intrinsic-ID has ambitious growth plans for the future. With its variety of services already on offer, the firm looks to expand geographically and further into vertical market segments such as the government, financial and healthcare sectors.


Eindhoven,The Netherlands

Pim Tuyls, CEO

A provider of device-unique security solutions based on patented HIS technology, offering total protection of sensitive private and corporate data on mobile devices, embedded systems and in the cloud.