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Mark O’ Hare, Director, President & CEO
As the business world evolves into a realm of interactive and smart devices, sophisticated cyberattacks and data breaches are rising exponentially causing considerable brand damage and negative impacts on a company’s profitability. Today, organizations must go beyond traditional network security solutions and take a data-centric approach to their enterprise security architecture to protect sensitive information. However, understanding the complexities of data protection is a challenge, coupled with having the resources to manage this added, but necessary, security component. This is where Security First Corp. comes in. Based in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., Security First Corp. develops software-defined, data-centric security solutions that are highly scalable and include performance features designed to handle enterprise workload demands. “We provide security solutions that go beyond the perimeter to protect what is most valuable, the data itself. In the event of a breach our technology renders the compromised data useless,” states Mark O’Hare, Director, President and CEO of Security First Corp.

Security First Corp. has engineered various patented technologies to secure large amounts of data and assist organizations in protecting their most confidential information, all while enabling compliance requirements. The Secure Parser Extended (SPx™) technology with cryptographic splitting is the core of Security First Corp.’s ground breaking solutions. “We’ve built our intelligent data-centric solutions around SPx to design products that address the critical components of a security solution —Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability— all in one model,” asserts O’Hare. All solutions built with their SPx technology are Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 certified for Data-at-Rest and Data-in-Motion. The FIPS certification goes beyond AES 256 encryption to also include the cryptographic splitting and internal key management modules.

“We bring a truly data-centric approach to all components of our solutions,” affirms O’Hare. The company addresses challenges encountered in encryption by randomizing and splitting the encrypted data at the bit level, neutralizing outsider attacks. “Cryptographic splitting with built-in and certified key management is a unique differentiator in our solutions as 99 percent of the keys are split and stored with the data, eliminating the need for costly bulk key stores,” claims O’Hare.

We’ve built our intelligent data-centric solutions around SPx to design products that address the critical components of a security solution — Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability — all in one model

The SPx SHARC™ Security Suite by Security First Corp. enables software-defined, data-centric protection anywhere the data resides, making it an optimal choice for enterprise data security. The suite has three server-based offerings — Secure, Advanced Secure, and Advanced Multi-site— all providing provably secure data protection with upward migration capability to support advanced, built-in data resiliency for fault tolerant solutions, and multi-site disaster recovery.

Security First Corp.’s latest product, SPx Gateway, is the only object storage solution with Cloud Spanning capabilities, offering users the ability to manage and secure data simultaneously to multiple cloud providers with a single, cost-effective virtual appliance. Additionally, users can conveniently read and write files using familiar CIFS, NFS or iSCSI storage protocols. Using local cache, administrators can create cost-effective, highly efficient and dynamic storage volumes in cloud based object storage while maintaining the performance of local storage. The size of the local cache and the cloud volume can be dynamically increased as data storage requirements expand.

Developing solutions to protect the vast amounts of data brought on by the digital age is Security First Corp.’s main focus. “We are working to integrate SPx technology into a broad spectrum of solutions to secure edge devices, POS devices, the IoT, wearables, networks, network switches and more in 2016,” concludes O’Hare.

Security First Corp.

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Mark O’ Hare, Director, President & CEO

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