20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers - 2019

With multiple cyber-attacks and compromise of personal information of millions of people hitting the headlines every day, the need for security is direr than ever, pushing the enterprises to embrace innovation in technology and security methodologies. Given the complexity and intensity of cyberattacks today, cybersecurity needs to notch up too, leveraging intelligence-driven responses and methodologies to counter advanced threats.

To protect enterprises and their data from being misused and help them accomplish their security goals, a large number of companies have started deploying security solutions that concentrate largely on cyber threats or an end-to-end solution for securing everything—be it digital or physical. A focus on converged security solutions has thus come to picture. In an attempt to secure both the physical environment and the IT systems, enterprise security solution providers are bringing up comprehensive solutions that protect the servers, endpoints, gateways, communication systems, along with the office premises. With the growing need for converged security, mobility within an organization has also increased, resulting in high demand for solutions that securely connect all users within an enterprise.

As of 2019, cloud-based security providers are gaining traction in the market for their flexible and scalable offerings. Overcoming the security-related challenges of cloud services, cloud-based security now presents a way for organizations to have additional visibility across their environments. Organizations also now aim to be secure by design, making security integral aspect right from the development phase.

The technological innovation in the fields of AI and the cloud is showing a path to more number of innovative solutions to abate security threats in enterprises. While cybersecurity is becoming more intelligence-driven, machine learning will play a critical role in gathering intelligence, assisting systems, software, and machines to make decisions on their own for ensuring protection in real-time. AI is proving beneficial in detecting malware, software vulnerability, and other security threats in real-time.

Besides this technical makeover, organizations are also proactively making efforts to adhere to the ever-changing security policies and regulations implemented by standards groups, industries, and governments. While compliance pressure continues to grow on organizations, solutions providers are assisting them in continuous risk profiling for assessing new and existing risks and strengthening the risk posture accordingly.

In the pursuit of securing the entire environment of the enterprises, the top enterprise security solution providers ensure an end-to-end structure. It begins with detecting the security threat, solving it, predicting if there is any potential vulnerability, and finally preventing the company from an impending security attack. Data encryption being the major concern of these solution providers, some of them have also started deploying solutions in crypto management. Remote access solution is another sector that these security providers are developing solutions on. In a market replete with promising enterprise security solution providers, businesses must identify an ally that can fit hand-and-glove with their respective business processes. To aid them on this mission, our illustrious selection panel—comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview—has narrowed down the top 20 enterprise security solution providers that exhibit competence in delivering competent solutions.

We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers 2019”.

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