Performance Bottlenecks in Video Recording: Causes, Effects & Solutions

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Performance Bottlenecks in Video Recording: Causes, Effects & Solutions

Performance bottlenecks in surveillance recording are serious issues & security professionals must address them in order to ensure their surveillance solution is able to perform up to an organization’s expectations.

Performance bottlenecks do occur in surveillance systems, with storage solutions playing a critical role and cause of number of other factors.

Without addressing the storage bottlenecks, it is useless to spend money on expensive cameras, VMS, or servers with costly processors and network interconnectivity.

When it comes to video recording for security and surveillance purposes, it’s all about how quickly and reliably you can capture and retrieve video data.

This whitepaper presents the causes, effects, and solutions of performance bottlenecks in surveillance video recording to security professionals, integrators, and end users.

This whitepaper addresses questions like:

  • What is the most important objective of a video surveillance deployment?

  • What can cause bottlenecks in surveillance video recording?

  • Why aren’t surveillance systems performing up to par?

  • How does video recording performance impact reliability?

  • What is driving the need for optimized performance for video recording?

  • What can be done to alleviate bottlenecks in Video Recording?


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