Product Authentication In The Digital Age

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Product Authentication In The Digital Age

Product Authentication technologies are essential in the digital age to all genuine products and packaging. The proliferation of e-Commerce has forced manufacturers to look beyond traditional brick-and-mortar stores for cost-effective means to product's authenticity or select further product information.

Digital solutions for product authentication do not require any additional consumables, making them cost-effective and easy to deploy.

The secret in label or packaging motif for the purpose of authentication could be stolen if the production process is not carefully monitored and is not designed with audit ability in mind. 

This whitepaper provides insights on integrating authentication tactics throughout your entire brand protection strategy and make product authentication the cornerstone of your anti-counterfeiting program.

It highlights:

  • Key criteria for choosing a right solution

  • Ways to authenticate the unique identity of the authorized products

  • Money-making opportunities if the right product authentication solution is chosen

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