AdGear Integrates with Forensiq in a Bid to Enhance Fraud Detection
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AdGear Integrates with Forensiq in a Bid to Enhance Fraud Detection

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

FREMONT, CA: AdGear, a digital advertising technology company, collaborates with Forensiq, a provider of solutions to help fight fraud in online click, conversion and impression advertisement.

The alliance is formed to improve AdGear’s ability to detect and block digital ad fraud for display, mobile and online video advertising. The integration with Forensiq will complement AdGear’s pre-existing proprietary anti-fraud technology and its ongoing integrations with other fraud filtering services.

The integration will allow AdGear to leverage Forensiq’s technology through demand-side platform AdGear Trader, which offers cross-channel media buying functionality, audience management and machine learning optimization. In offering an additional layer of filtering, an IP- based rather than audience-based perspective is taken into account on combating fraud.

Stating the reasons for its alliance with Forensiq, Vlad Stesin, Co-Founder and VP-Product, AdGear, says, “We were impressed with Forensiq because they catch more ad fraud and do it more transparently than many other providers. What’s more, their ability to deliver results to us in 5 milliseconds in the programmatic pre-bid makes them the perfect choice for AdGear and our clients.”

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