Bluebox Launches First Mobile Data Security Solution
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Bluebox Launches First Mobile Data Security Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO: Bluebox Security, a startup which offers mobile data security platform to safeguard corporate data across the device, application, and network has introduced its first mobile data security solution, providing visibility and protection of corporate data on any mobile application. With this, employees are given the freedom to use any app that is resourceful.

Bluebox SaaS mobile data security solution which is built on 'data-wrapping' technology gives a detailed information on the strategic insights of who, what, when, where and how the data is used. The Chief Information Security Officers with the help of this information can change security policies taking the help of tools available with the security team.

Bluebox detects and protects data automatically against application tampering, and jailbreaks for device and app integrity through encryption. Bluebox's instant app protects any internal or public mobile app as there is no coding required. A transparent privacy dashboard gives employees full visibility into what IT is tracking and what IT isn’t tracking, with clear separation of corporate and personal data.

"Offering an innovative approach, Bluebox delivers a frictionless user experience that allows easy enrollment, employees to securely choose their preferred apps, and respects privacy based on the true separation of professional and personal data. When combined with their real-time insights into actual mobile data usage that provide strategic policy insights, my team trusts that our data is protected. If you really want to embrace enterprise mobility, Bluebox is the only solution that provides all the benefits of work/life integration on a single device for both the enterprise and the user," said Mike Kail, Vice President, IT Operations, Netflix, an American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media.

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