Orange County Crime Lab Deploys MorphoBISfor Criminal Identification
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Orange County Crime Lab Deploys MorphoBISfor Criminal Identification

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 23, 2015

ANAHEIM, CA: MorphoTrak, provider of multimodal biometric identity and security solutions to a broad array of markets including law enforcement, government services, border control, venue safety, and IT security has announced that the Orange County Sheriff's Department Crime Laboratory has formally accepted and started operational use of the new fingerprint identification system -- Morpho Biometric Identification Solution (MorphoBIS).

MorphoBIS, a multi-modal biometric system, provides identification of individuals with the highest possible accuracy and enhanced productivity, saving time and resources while increasing criminal identification. With MorphoBIS, high volume searches can be conducted not only for fingerprints and palmprints, but for the entire surface of the hand. MorphoBIS includes the automated search of all the friction ridge areas of the hand, commonly known as Major Case Prints. This means that even the smallest latent print found at a crime scene, from the tip of a finger for example, can be searched effectively in the quest for criminal identification.

"Our new system has already shown significant increases in productivity and crime solving, with many recent successes. This is helping Orange County stay on the leading edge of law enforcement technology in the U.S.," reports Lisa Zinn, Crime Lab Assistant Director.

"The superior matching accuracy of MorphoBIS helps technicians solve long held cold cases, and more quickly provide identifications for new ones," states Celeste Thomasson, President and CEO, MorphoTrak. "