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Radenso Radar Offers Latest Radar Detection Technology, Radenso Pro

By CIOReview | Friday, August 28, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Radenso Radar, a manufacturer of radar detectors, launched a new windshield mounted radar detector, the Radenso Pro. The high end radar detector features long range police radar detection in a smallest package. It has demonstrated good performance in long-range Ka band detection and sensitivity to Ka-band Instant On radar threats.

The radar comprises a multi-color organic light-emitting diode alphanumeric in orange. The AutoCity detection mode allows user to set a speed range causing the detector to ignore X, K and Ka bands. The voice alerts state the band and frequency and the AutoMode reduces volume of the alerts after 2 seconds.

The basic features of the new detector include: red light camera alerts, false-alert filter effectiveness, and laser detection. The radar also features a wide range of display settings: bright, dim and smart dark. The smart dark display remains darkened and only appears when a threat is detected.

Radenso provides frequent, cost free firmware updates and keeps the community of radar detector end users dynamically involved in the development of their products.

“Many radar detector enthusiasts have long been looking for an exciting new product, that appeals to the requests and concerns of the community.” says Michael Berg, CEO,   Radenso Radar. “We felt that there was a niche for a new type radar detector company for people who are looking for something special and who listens to their most loyal customers.”