Denim Group: Enabling a Different Approach to Software Security Concerns

The epidemic nature of the current security threats has heightened security awareness among organizations worldwide. With entrepreneurs understanding the essentiality of secure software development for survival and long-term success, the time is ripe for organizations providing software security services to explore opportunities.

At the forefront of companies attempting to leverage these trends is San Antonio, Texas based Denim Group, a recognized name in the secure software development arena.

The 2001 founded firm, aims to help organizations analyze and mitigate all possible risks associated with existing software.

Denim Group also focuses on providing IT consultancy services encircling all stages of software production lifecycle including software development, application security analysis, training for development team and consulting services.

The company's core expertise lies in medium and large types of custom software development that involve sophisticated programming solutions.The Application Development Procedure enabled at Denim is oriented towards
The Application Development Procedure enabled at Denim is oriented towards addressing building software bestowed with the ability to withstand the possible attacks and probes while the software is in production in the internet, thereby addressing the privacy and security requirements of clients. Such custom-made software further helps clients reduce disruption and downtimes as wide-ranging attacks are effectively countered.

The Security Assessment procedure at the firm is designed in such a way that they augment programmed testing with advisory services in order to provide a comprehensive look at security vulnerabilities in software. Denim group understands that a thorough assessment of security goes beyond merely ensuring compliance with the regulations and has to do with in-depth understanding on codelevel development, associated business risks and identified vulnerabilities. This outlook has been the basis of widely appreciated actionable assessments and straight-forward software remediation path from the group.

Headed by Sheridan Chambers, Principal, the firm has been providing stand-out services to both the government and commercial entities in sectors like banking, defense, healthcare, insurance, education, retail, online commerce, to name a few.

Denim Group

San Antonio, TX

Sheridan Chambers, Principal & Dan Cornell, Principal

The company develops secure software, helps organizations assess and mitigate risk with existing software, and provides training on best practices in software security.