DB Networks: Assuring Database Security through Intelligent Continuous Monitoring

CIO VendorBrett Helm, Chairman and CEO
Datacenters often prove to be a key target for cybercriminals due to the massive amount of sensitive information—financial, corporate, or intellectual—locked inside. The new range of sophisticated cyber threats, malware infections, and phishing attacks are powerful enough to breach the networks and disclose private, confidential, and valuable information. DB Networks provides comprehensive solutions and services that curtail such threats, and ensure end to end security by keeping attackers away from databases and datacenters.

“We help enterprises transform their methodologies and safeguard their assets through database discovery and mapping, intelligent continuous monitoring, and adaptive behavioral analysis,” says Brett Helm, CEO, DB Networks. Unlike the traditional perimeter defense methodologies that are obsolete, DB Networks brings a fresh approach to protecting the databases. For instance is their product DBN-6300, which offers intelligent continuous monitoring competencies. It provides customers a way to discover databases that is non-intrusive and doesn’t require knowledge of the ports that the database would normally communicate on. “It is important that the solution doesn’t actively scan because spraying packets on the network hinders performance and sets off alarms from other security systems,” says Helm. The DBN- 6300 operates non-intrusively and captures a copy of every database interaction. “We then use our deep protocol analysis capabilities to identify every new instance of database communications,” he adds. This helps DB Networks to derive the client, the database, the brand of database, the port it’s running on and much more.

“We often identify far more databases than the customer is aware of running on their networks,” says Helm. Decommissioning these undocumented databases reduces the attack surface and can often save a substantial amount on database licensing for the client. DB Networks credits these achievements to their expertise in areas of machine learning and behavioral analysis.
“The era of traditional techniques of identifying attacks through attack signatures is now over,” says Helm. “Today, understanding and creating a baseline of normal behavior is crucial to preventing future information security breaches such as the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) we witnessed at Anthem,” he adds.

DB Networks follows a dynamic strategy of developing products which integrate seamlessly into customers’ environment. “In this way customers can deploy best in class security products from multiple vendors rather than being stuck with a single vendor solution that attempts to do everything but fails,” says Helm. “We have also invested deeply in developing resourceful information visualization tools which will appear in our next software release,” says Helm.

Customers will gain new and deep insights into their core network attack surface using these tools. “It really brings the information from the DBN-6300 to life,” says Helm.

Companies have recognized DB Networks as a gateway to cost-effective and trustworthy security solutions. One such company is Navis, a provider of advanced technologies to cargo shipping terminal operators. The client faced copious problems in insightful assessment and protection of existing servers and databases. DB Networks helped Navis implement DBN-6300 which enabled the company to gain essential insights straight from the bottom line. They saw a remarkable growth in the overall productivity by identifying over and under-utilized databases, and had the vital information to consolidate servers, decommission databases, and significantly reduce costs.

Going forward, DB Networks proposes to make substantial investments in innovating autonomous cyber security solutions that are developed with practically proven technologies on a variety of industries. The company is also looking forward to develop an entirely new market segment that will be based on intelligent information security technologies. As many of their customers hold datacenters in various parts of the globe, a geographical expansion is also on the cards.

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Brett Helm, Chairman and CEO

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