BowBridge Software: Security Solutions for Protecting SAP Applications

Joerg Schneider-Simon, CTO
AP systems have long been the most valuable IT-assets owing to their impact on critical business processes, such as procurement, manufacturing, sales and human resources,” begins Joerg Schneider-Simon, CTO, BowBridge Software. This calls for a highly protected and segregated operation environment. “Most of the challenges we see in the realm of the SAP market space are concerned with tackling secure data access and data security,” notes Schneider-Simon. Due to this, organizations are on a lookout for a solution that helps balance the business data available to users on the field and keep the defenses up to protect the valuable IT-asset in any SAP system. The Walldorf, Germany based firm, BowBridge Software develops and markets enterprise solutions to ensure data security in applications and central data repositories. “We at BowBridge, offer solutions that are the global de-facto standard for SAP virus protection,” says Schneider-Simon.

Founded in the year 2005, the firm identified that traditional perimeter security approaches were failing. BowBridge’s technology enables secure data exchange to and from SAP-based applications. It has helped enterprises unlock the potential and benefit from tighter integrations– both process wise and financially, without letting down their defenses.

BowBridge’s AntiVirus Bridge is a leading content security solution for SAP applications which is created with comprehensive content filters and embedded virus scanning engines, from intel Security (formerly: McAfee) and Sophos. The solution protects businesses’ SAP applications from malicious file upload and download. Befitting the name, AntiVirus Bridge started off as a malware protection solution that was designed specifically for SAP applications. After a decade, AntiVirus Bridge evolved into a comprehensive content security solution that allows enterprises to apply strict controls to the files which are entering and leaving their SAP applications.“Our solution ensures maximum security for SAP applications and their users with their ability to scan uploaded content and filter them, detect and block potentially malicious modifications, active content and other threats,” exclaims Schneider- Simon.

Bowbridge solutions block not only malware, but also attacks like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), directory attacks, and various types of injections

AntiVirus Bridge blocks not only malware, but also attacks like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), directory attacks, and various types of injections.

“After witnessing the success of AntiVirus Bridge, we launched ApplicationSecurity Bridge in 2013,” continues Schneider-Simon. Together, these products seal the two most important data vectors into SAP applications– structured and unstructured data. ApplicationSecurity Bridge complements AntiVirus Bridge by scanning not files, but user-input entering the SAP system. In instances where malicious entries appear suited to attack the SAP system, the solution detects, blocks, and reports them, thereby preventing any compromise of the application itself. Furthermore, the ApplicationSecurity Bridge is the first content security solution that is specifically built to analyze user input into SAP applications’ web interfaces. The solution combines attack signature-based detection and powerful heuristics to transparently detect and block malicious user input without requiring any modifications to the SAP applications running on NetWeaver application servers, ABAP or Java.

Integrating with industry-leading security management platforms, such as intel e-Policy Orchestrator, the company helps customers achieve the needed openness and accessibility without compromising on the security. BowBridge, in the upcoming years, will be expanding its presence in the U.S. market. The firm will be releasing a new line of products to protect content stored and managed in enterprise content management systems to carve a niche beyond the SAP security arena.

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Joerg Schneider-Simon, CTO

Provider of security solutions ensuring data security in applications and central data repositories

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