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Justin Fimlaid, Managing Director
Cyber attackers have adopted tactical shifts in their strategies, and acquired a gradual sophistication in recent years. Many firms have robust security policies and defense mechanisms, but they have struggled to the sustained ascendancy of cyber attacks. CIOs and CISOs are in pursuit of progressive technologies and cloud offerings like AWS and Azure, but even these have reflected hardships from a security perspective. Hence, enterprise security will continue to haunt the specialist security firms as the market insists more robust security solutions. Headquartered in Burlington, VT, NuHarbor Security provides end-to-end security services to guide their clients through the marketing fluff of technological innovations and offer security services based on the specific use case of the client. “Security vendors and product providers are failing to raise the bar for security, unfortunately when all you have in the tool box is a hammer the only thing you look for is a nail,” begins Justin Fimlaid, Managing Director, NuHarbor Security.

NuHarbor Security is one of the premier security services providers in market today. “Our staff has a lot of industry security experience and we’ve walked a mile in our customers shoes,” asserts Fimlaid. This is where NuHarbor Security excels. “We seek to understand our clients’ security posture and render services that actually enhance their security program,” asserts Fimlaid. NuHarbor’s solutions are well-rounded addressing the many Enterprise Security needs of all private, public, and Federal sector clients. Some of those solutions include security architecture reviews and assessment, security testing of infrastructure and applications, security managed services, breach response and digital forensics, and security staff augmentation to name a few.

NuHarbor also offers leading cloud security solutions. Their services include security-testing services stretching from penetration testing to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) configuration scans.

Our staff has a lot of industry security experience and we’ve walked a mile in our customers shoes

“Cloud is just a nice way of saying it’s someone else’s computer. Many people think that a cloud solution solves all their security problems. Unfortunately – cloud solutions can still be misconfigured and configuration drift can still occur,” emphasizes Fimlaid.

NuHarbor also offers a best-in-class managed security services portfolio. “We offer an extensive portfolio of managed and security operations services. Some of them include Splunk, RSA Archer, and Tenable managed services,” affirms Fimlaid. NuHarbor’s industry experience allows them to offer a tailored solution to address needs of their client. “We’ve been doing this for a long time, you’d be remised to think one solution magically solves everyone’s security problems. This intimate approach to security and compliance makes NuHarbor an industry leader in managed security services.

NuHarbor has deployed a string of strategies to thwart their competition. They spend a lot of time educating the clients about the realms of security services. “Today, firms provide security solutions that are usually limited. We see many firms opportunisitically picking up security work but fail as it’s not the core area of their business,” answers Fimlaid. NuHarbor Security strives to promote new technological advancements in security, compliance, and risk management through efficient solutions and thought leadership. “We have a successful track record of launching new solutions, and a few of them are in line to be released this year,” concludes Fimlaid.

NuHarbor Security

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Justin Fimlaid, Managing Director

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