NetLib Security: Defending Legacy Data through Avant-Garde Encryption

Neil Weicher, Founder & CTO
The sophistication of cyber threats has taken a hockey-stick curve putting organizations at risk. What’s more, newer regulations and company policies continually emerge mandating the practice of data encryption to ensure defense against attackers, particularly in legacy applications. But, Neil Weicher, founder and CTO of NetLib Security says that protecting legacy applications does not necessarily have to be financially draining or an overwhelming burden to the business proposition. Underpinned by the notion that today’s security may not suffice tomorrow’s needs, NetLib Security brings to the table, its two-decade legacy in developing and perfecting a robust and patented Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, Encryptionizer®, that acts as an additional layer of defense across the enterprise.

Weicher says “Organizations are struggling with the protection of existing data in legacy applications without having to retool, redesign, reprogram, and spend exorbitant amounts of money.”

He adds, “Security is a process. There is no one ‘magic bullet.’ NetLib’s solutions are a part of the process to help clients become compliant with the latest and upcoming regulations with their new and legacy applications.” Their comprehensive portfolio caters to a variety of business needs, such as securing confidential organizational data, protecting commercial data from the client’s customers, and enabling compliance regulations for applications, both new and legacy. The Encryptionizer series of products is powered by a technology which helps simplify global enterprise security without requiring any administrative overhead, additional programming or new hardware.

As an example, one of NetLib Security’s most popular products, Encryptionizer® for SQL Server, comes with an easy-to-use and flexible architecture that helps secure data in physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. A highly cost effective alternative to SQL TDE (Transparent Data Encryption), flexible, and scalable with Centralized Key Management, it helps increase ROI by building a solid defense strategy and enhancing the protection of customer’s data and IP.

NetLib fits as one of the easiest pieces of the organizational puzzle

Encouraging the ‘set it and forget it’ approach, the solution is designed to work with simple configuration, limited budgets, and no additional hardware — unlike other complex solutions available in the market currently.

Harnessing the best qualities of both worlds, Weicher—both software engineer and scientist—works toward a constant quest to analyze and solve their client’s future problems based on business goals. Along with keeping customers future-ready through innovative and regular updates, NetLib Security also strives for providing best-in-class customer service and support worldwide. Being one of the longest-lived players in the enterprise security industry, the firm’s products have evolved through regular delivery of additional functionalities and features to their existing services. Weicher stresses the importance of how NetLib Security’s products work with minimal toll on system performance.

Following their strong hold in the North America, NetLib continues to expand its market reach into new territories such as the EU and South America. As the medical devices industry faces regulatory pressures from the FDA in the U.S. and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), NetLib is now working with a number of companies to bring their medical devices and related enterprise data up to regulatory code. NetLib is also broadening the scope of its product capabilities from Windows platforms to Linux and UNIX environments due to popular demand. In combination with innovative solutions, their round-the-clock customer support, loyal customer base, and a skilled, self-driven team keep NetLib poised to lead the enterprise security arena for the coming years and more.

NetLib Security

Stamford, CT

Neil Weicher, Founder & CTO

Offers a scalable, transparent, and easy-to-install encryption solution— Encryptionizer—that delivers the highest level of protection for customer-sensitive data

NetLib Security