baramundi software: Empowering IT Infrastructure with Endpoint Management

baramundi software: Empowering IT Infrastructure with Endpoint ManagementAnne Zitzelsberger, Executive Assistant
When it comes to managing an IT infrastructure, some companies possess tools with high functionality and poor usability whereas others have tools that feature great usability but little functionality. While the market has a multitude of tools to complement these organizations’ varied requirements, most of them have overlapping functionalities, which proves to be a major roadblock. This creates more complexity than ease for entities looking to adopt IT infrastructure solutions. baramundi software brings a solution to this problem providing one tool for all the tasks to be completed while managing and securing an IT environment.

Offering both functionality and usability, the company’s unified endpoint management software—baramundi Management Suite (bMS)—allows companies to manage and secure their diverse IT infrastructures and helps to comply with GDPR and other regulations. The suite ensures endpoint management, mobile device management, and endpoint security via a single user interface and a single database. With only one endpoint solution, interface, and database, baramundi uses a holistic approach to IT infrastructure management. Providing a clear and quick overview of all endpoints as well as various automation wizards, the software allows IT administrators to concentrate on their core tasks and key projects rather than investing their time in repetitive routine tasks.

The modular framework of the software allows customers to opt only for the parts they actually need, saving costs. Thanks to the software’s standardized interfaces, other products or solutions can be connected and integrated with little effort. While other companies take weeks to implement endpoint management solutions, baramundi management suite can be set up within a few hours.

Having started its journey focusing on client management, baramundi has now evolved into a unified endpoint management solution vendor. “The first and probably the most important thing that distinguishes us from our competitors is the dedication toward customers,” remarks Uwe Beikirch, the company’s Managing Director.

While other companies take weeks to implement endpoint management solutions, baramundi management suite can be set up within a few hours

“Our company collaborates with its customers and assists them through every stage of the software’s implementation,” adds Anne Zitzelsberger, his Executive Assistant.

baramundi’s holistic and comprehensive suite extensively caters to the needs of mid-sized companies and organizations with large volumes of endpoints such as Mazda— the Japanese automobile manufacturer. With 2000 endpoints across multiple locations, the European headquarters of Mazda, needed a reliable management solution for their IT. Mazda entrusted baramundi with the task of replacing their outdated endpoint management system without interrupting the operations carried out by said system. baramundi quickly implemented the management suite in Mazda’s IT environment saving the client huge amounts of time and money. In addition, baramundi also orchestrated the Europe-wide roll out of the latest Windows version for the automobile manufacturer.

With many such projects to its name, Germany headquartered baramundi is steadily gaining a foothold in the U.S. and Uwe believes that the company’s solution will be a success in the U.S. market as well. In the near future, baramundi plans to focus on portfolio enhancement. “Apart from managing office IT devices, securing laptops, PCs or mobile devices the company is also doing exceptionally well in terms of managing IT devices in clients’ production environments,” mentions Anne. The next big thing for baramundi is the management of IoT devices. The company anticipates to not only monitor the clients’ IT environment but their entire production environment.

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Anne Zitzelsberger, Executive Assistant and Uwe Beikirch, Managing Director

Offers endpoint management, mobile device management, and endpoint security to help companies manage their IT infrastructure

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