Erkios Systems: Actively Shielding Against Insider Threats

Erkios Systems: Actively Shielding Against Insider ThreatsPhilip Vanderstraeten, COO and Sean Null, CEO
“Et tu, Brute?” This historical example of the ultimate insider betrayal symbolizes the vileness of the insider threat that initiates a chain of heavy losses. Enterprises continue to trust the use of legacy systems and high-cost, inefficient manual efforts to mitigate this risk but remain exposed to numerous insider threats such as untrusted media insertion (i.e. USB) and port hijacking. As security and networking experts at a major electric utility, Sean Null and Philip Vanderstraeten discovered how many systems that form the security backbone of enterprises fail to legitimately defend against insider threats. The duo’s search for the right solution yielded zero results, but it kickstarted their journey towards founding Erkios Systems and innovation of their physical access control system—FortiFi—now a patented product. “Our solution provides real-time monitoring of the physical access to input/output (I/O) ports,” states Null, CEO, Erkios Systems. Sean also dubs FortiFi as a Smart Lock that aims to prevent manipulation and tampering of data.

The company has developed FortiFi as a unique ecosystem of port-level hardware, wireless data collection, and a database-driven dashboard that assist organizations with real-time monitoring of physical access to I/O ports on their most vulnerable devices. FortiFi provides the same level of physical security for devices irrespective of their underlying hardware or software, seamlessly locking down any used port, unused port, and cable with active FortiFi sensors. If the FortiFi sensors are tampered with, they immediately raise an alarm. These sensors report their status to its associated FortiFi access point (AP) that then internally relays that information to the FortiFi server. The system communicates out-of-band and relies on its own dedicated, far-range wireless network without depending on the internal networks of the organization. “FortiFi provides active detection of unauthorized access at the physical communication layer to empower businesses with control of their systems,” says Vanderstraeten, COO, Erkios Systems.

The cost-effective and audit-friendly FortiFi system not just enables businesses to combat data leaks but also simplifies their risk and compliance audit processes.

FortiFi provides active detection of unauthorized access at the physical communication layer to empower businesses with control of their systems

The product caters to the needs of compliance-heavy industries such as the electric utility, healthcare, defense, and energy industries. No more questions as to when a port with a port lock or tamper tape was last accessed or when a communication cable was last moved: FortiFi supplies the means for this preventative and detective control to achieve a positive Return on Investment (ROI) for businesses by eliminating expensive, ineffective locking/blocking mechanisms (i.e., tamper tape or port locks) that require regular manual checks and are prone to failure.

With its cutting-edge tool, the company is already set on a mission to fortify the internal security of electric utilities. In one of the recent trade shows, Erkios held a live demonstration of FortiFi’s capabilities. The visitors not only recognized the benefits of installing FortiFi but also engaged in a trial run to assess the utility and fool-proof security it offers. Subsequently, FortiFi won appreciation from multiple businesses in the U.S., India, Italy, and numerous other countries.

From the outset, Erkios is focused on helping the businesses with a solution that works for them, in the technical space. Erkios has defined a clear roadmap for product enhancement and has also planned products that would target insider data searches. In a nutshell, Erkios is not only strengthening the security posture of its clients but also tapping into the numerous business growth opportunities with its innovative product.

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Philip Vanderstraeten, COO and Sean Null, CEO

Providing the security platform for active detection of unauthorized access at the physical communication layer

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