OverWatchID: Multi-pronged Solution Stack for Identity Security

OverWatchID: Multi-pronged Solution Stack for Identity SecurityCameron Williams, Founder & CTO
The enterprise security domain is one that continues to swell and diversify into a plethora of sub-verticals. In parallel, rates of security breaches continue to rise alarmingly. Today about 81 percent of violations are caused due to compromised credentials. Enterprises need to adopt a multi-pronged approach to defend themselves against cyber attacks; particularly in tackling the various vulnerability facets of pertaining to identity protection and management. As strategic as it may sound, for many enterprises, implementing and maintaining multi-variant identity security tool-sets turn out to be a tragic initiative, if not a herculean one. The overheads range from cost factors associated with resorting to multiple vendor single-point products to complexity in installing and knitting them to work in tandem across the whole—access points of all devices, applications and other touch points—of the enterprise. Not to mention the maintenance predicaments at the instance of upgrades from the side of the vendors, application or hardware in use.

OverWatchID offers a clear solution to CISOs against this looming predicament with their cloud-based product suite that essentially packages four vital elemental solutions within identity security namely: Privileged Access Management (PAM), Single-sign-on (SSO), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

In addition to their revolutionary, converged identity security approach, what sets OverWatchID apart from the other players in the space is the innovation they’ve incorporated into enhancing the speed and ease of installation, and cross-compatibility of their product offering. As an industry veteran with years of experience in developing automation and security solutions for projects of prestigious entities like IBM, Cameron Williams, OverWatchID’s founder, and CTO, through the company, envisions to eliminate the manual burden that enterprises face in deploying their identity security infrastructures. Furthermore, OverWatchID’s solution stack that contains the ‘four essential pillars of identity security’, as Williams calls them, comes at a price point that is at least 30 percent less than purchasing individual point-solutions.

“We have helped our biggest clients get up and running with our platform in weeks which would have taken our competitors, months. We also have several patents related to the automation capabilities that we’ve incorporated via our Orchestrator platform,” says Williams.

Our system can be deployed into a 100 devices in a minute. We have helped some of our most significant clients get up and running with our platform in weeks which would have taken months for our competitors

The company recently introduced a first of its kind dynamic WebUI engine for PAM that supports WebUIs for the leading IT products in the market. This takes away the need to build and maintain connectors: a practice which is prevalent given that legacy PAM providers may only connect to Windows or Linux servers and leave the WebUI ‘connection’ burden on their client’s shoulders with connector toolkits. OverWatchID offers full PAM support with dynamic updates for WebUIs. Vendor support for WebUIs includes Arista, Citrix, Fortigate, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks, VMWare and NetApp to name a few.

On the MFA and SSO front, OverWatchID imparts ‘intelligent gating’ on their access protocols, which challenges users to answer questions or verify themselves by any additional means. The how, when, and what aspects of every user’s interaction with access points are recorded by the OverWatchID platform and made readily available for auditing and reporting which is a value-add from a compliance standpoint. The platform also screen-captures user interaction with Windows and WebUIs. All of the data captured by the platform can be easily fed to most external behavioral analytics engines.

With the robust all-around capabilities in its platform, OverWatchID has enabled enterprises across multiple markets and sizes to save substantial time, money and efforts with their identity security implementations. Looking ahead, the company plans to add capabilities for built-in behavioral analytics and automated API-to-API security scripts. The company also plans to openup Orchestrator, their security automation platform, for third-party players to build tools upon.


Denver, CO

Cameron Williams, Founder & CTO

OverWatchID’s cloud based product platform packages four critical solutions for identity security namely PAM, SSO, MFA and CASB