20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies - 2015

Enterprises from all around the globe are dedicating increasing amount of resources and investment on security.Advanced targeted attacks and security vulnerabilities in software are making the matters worse.The companies featured here provide a look into how their solutions work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available.

Company Name

Company Description

Alura Business Solutions Provider of integrated managed services and network security to small and mid-sized businesses.
AtomAMPD AtomAMPD is an enterprise-level communications company providing scalable networking, security, and wireless and telephony solutions for businesses.
Cohesive Networks A cloud-native security and network company leveraging an application centric approach.
Covenant Security Solutions, Inc Revolutionizing the technique of mitigating cyber security risks and compliance factors with robust, user-friendly technological services.
CSG Invotas Provides enterprise security solutions through their automated response platform
Cylance Empowering IT to protect their endpoints against the previously undetectable.
DB Networks Enhancing IT and effective intelligent database security by deploying resourceful solutions and services.
Define Mobility A full service IT Solutions provider focused on mobility and development of managed network solutions, in addition to consulting, security, integration and management services.
DeviceLock Provides software for data leak prevention of ‘data-in-motion’, ‘data-in-use’ and ‘data-at-rest’ in traditional Windows/Mac environments, BYOD scenarios and for Cloud-enabled enterprises
MetaFlows Providing cutting-edge software that monitors network traffic to detect and protect against attacks
Nativeflow A company that provides a comprehensive mobility platform with a truly native user experience, all without compromising on compliance, productivity or security
NopSec Helping businesses to reduce the risk of cyber attacks with improved detection, analysis, and remediation of IT security vulnerabilities.
onShore Networks A provider of Managed Security services, utilizing network performance data from both inside and outside a network to ensure early detection of any threats
Safe-T Enables organizations to control and secure data exchange of any type and size between people, applications, cloud solutions and businesses
Secured2 Corporation Provides end-to-end solutions in data security and storage
SendSafely SendSafely operates a Zero Knowledge data exchange platform that allows users to exchange highly sensitive information while ensuring total end-to-end privacy.
Trusted Integration Provider of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) management solutions for highly-regulated government and commercial organizations.
Vidder Inc Vidder is the pioneer of Precision Access, the next generation access control for the extended enterprise
WHOA.com Providing mission-critical secure cloud infrastructure for businesses, capable of protecting sensitive data, important operations and vital brand reputations
Wombat Security Technologies Wombat Security Technologies delivers compelling cyber security awareness and training solutions