Top 20 Enterprise Security Consulting/Services Companies - 2014

The technological advancements at the enterprise level have exceeded assumptions.With more funding predicted and threats from hackers being prominent than ever, its time to identify some of the enterprise security companies that provide unique solutions, highlighting the need for advanced enterprise security strategies.


    Top Enterprise Security Consulting & Services Companies

  • 1

    A provider of customized services for monitoring and protecting the critical and sensitive IT assets in clients’ infrastructures.

  • 2

    An executive recruitment firm specializing in Information Security, IT Risk Management, Risk Assurance and privacy.

  • 3

    A provider of IT Security and Compliance Solutions for regulated and non-regulated industries.

  • 4

    A provider of enterprise level IT security services, network security, training and liability services.

  • 5

    A provider of application security testing product, static code analysis, and secure SDLC solutions.

  • 6

    A provider of behavioral analysis technologies in the field of database security. DB Networks offers security solutions against SQL injection and database Denial of Service attacks.

  • 7

    A provider of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation services to defend businesses and organizations against the new generation of massive and sophisticated DDoS attack.

  • 8

    The company develops secure software, helps organizations assess and mitigate risk with existing software, and provides training on best practices in software security.

  • 9

    A security vendor focused on the comprehensive detection and prevention of electronic fraud across all devices, channels and clouds.

  • 10

    A provider of support and technology to protect patient’s sensitive information.

  • 11

    A provider of technologies for protection of sensitive and regulated information against a wide range of data loss risks and other major internal threats.

  • 12

    A provider of IT Security solutions.

  • 13

    A provider of device-unique security solutions based on patented HIS technology, offering total protection of sensitive private and corporate data on mobile devices, embedded systems and in the cloud.

  • 14

    A provider of BYOD security scanning solutions for addressing the security assessment of mobile devices and remote workers.

  • 15

    A provider of IT outsourcing solutions that reduces the complexity of IT for organizations around the country.

  • 16

    A provider of Enterprise Network Security, ERP, Web Development and Systems Integration services in South San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok regions.

  • 17

    A provider of Infrastructure as a service, encrypted enterprise clouds, disaster recovery and related hosting and security solutions.

  • 18

    A provider of enterprise security consulting and managed security services supporting organizations in all vertical markets and protecting their sensitive data.

  • 19

    A provider of enterprise security platform that secures any legacy app with the user’s Mobile ID in minutes.

  • 20

    A provider of network security and policy management products and services.

  • 21

    The company enables organizations to identify, manage and mitigate corporate risk that is introduced through social media.