Top 20 Enterprise Security Companies - 2018

Evolving enterprises, in terms of their workforce or services, are prone to new cyber attacks as the landscape of cyber threats are everchanging and evolving. With these evolving threats, enterprises need to acquire and adapt to new and improved methods of securing data. Deploying cyber threat monitoring and reporting software, AI-powered cybersecurity systems, and solid firewalls are some of the improved methods of thwarting these cyber attacks.

Enterprises are leaning towards advanced technologies like big data and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) system to securely collect and manage customer and employee data. Also, numerous enterprises are shifting their entire infrastructure to the cloud and implementing Attribute-based access control (ABAC) method to secure their assets present in the cloud. With the onset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning sophisticated and complex cyber attacks are being circumvented to a great extent. AI with its ability to learn and absorb the information supplied to it has proven to be a crucial technology in the development of a secure enterprise security system. On the other hand, machine learning uses statistical techniques to identify and mitigate the threats. Similarly, implementing highly improved monitoring and reporting software are also strengthening the enterprise security by pointing out the defaulters.

Knowing that security is an integral and valuable part of an enterprise, a distinguished panel comprising of eminent CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts along with the editorial panel of CIO Review have hand-picked 20 most promising enterprise security solution providers of the year 2018 to help enterprises run their ventures smoothly and securely.

We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers - 2018.”

Top Enterprise Security Solution Companies

Accutive provides a broad range of IT services and products, including enterprise security and systems integration

Eliminating admin rights across businesses through endpoint privilege management

BAP is transforming cybersecurity by bridging the gap between IT and policy to give unparalleled real-time threat detection

Offers endpoint management, mobile device management, and endpoint security to help companies manage their IT infrastructure

Built upon the proven notion of crowd-sharing intelligence, the Consortium intelligence platform provides tools for physical and cybersecurity

Provides holistic security solutions to protect online businesses from threats and fraudulent activities

Provides endpoint protection suite using new age technology like machine learning for enterprise security

Providing the security platform for active detection of unauthorized access at the physical communication layer

Offers consolidated best-in class security solutions built through a unique client engagement strategy to all industries

Delivers early warnings of hacking and fraud attacks, via sophisticated cyber intelligence, rapid mitigation, and one-click remediation

IOR Insight software enables data protection through business process awareness

Medigate fuses its knowledge of medical workflows and device identity and protocols with its expertise in cybersecurity to provide unmatched threat protection for connected medical devices

OverWatchID’s cloud based product platform packages four critical solutions for identity security namely PAM, SSO, MFA and CASB

Secucloud provides cloud-based IT security using its unique Elastic Cloud Security System worldwide

Offers market-leading SIEM solutions with machine learning to solve the toughest IT, Internet of Things and security challenges

Synack’s hacker-powered platform provides organizations with the efficiency, effectiveness, and control they need to address their vulnerabilities and reduce their cybersecurity risk

Equips clients with a set of tools/APIs which can be used individually or in a combined form to identify and mitigate fraudulent domain addresses and uphold enterprise security standards

An information security solutions company providing businesses the comprehensive range of end-to-end services required to build and operate mature, cost-effective security programs



Cylera is a cybersecurity and analytics company focused on the unique requirements of healthcare organizations. The company’s purpose-built platform empowers healthcare organizations to defend and manage their devices and connected clinical environments that are critical to provide safe and continuous patient care



Provides special high-end consulting and conflict response assistance for firms and organizations globally