Top 20 Enterprise Security Solution Companies - 2019

With multiple cyber-attacks and compromise of personal information of millions of people hitting the headlines every day, the need for security is direr than ever, pushing the enterprises to embrace innovation in technology and security methodologies. Given the complexity and intensity of cyberattacks today, cybersecurity needs to notch up too, leveraging intelligence-driven responses and methodologies to counter advanced threats.

To protect enterprises and their data from being misused and help them accomplish their security goals, a large number of companies have started deploying security solutions that concentrate largely on cyber threats or an end-to-end solution for securing everything—be it digital or physical. A focus on converged security solutions has thus come to picture. In an attempt to secure both the physical environment and the IT systems, enterprise security solution providers are bringing up comprehensive solutions that protect the servers, endpoints, gateways, communication systems, along with the office premises. With the growing need for converged security, mobility within an organization has also increased, resulting in high demand for solutions that securely connect all users within an enterprise.

As of 2019, cloud-based security providers are gaining traction in the market for their flexible and scalable offerings. Overcoming the security-related challenges of cloud services, cloud-based security now presents a way for organizations to have additional visibility across their environments. Organizations also now aim to be secure by design, making security integral aspect right from the development phase.

The technological innovation in the fields of AI and the cloud is showing a path to more number of innovative solutions to abate security threats in enterprises. While cybersecurity is becoming more intelligence-driven, machine learning will play a critical role in gathering intelligence, assisting systems, software, and machines to make decisions on their own for ensuring protection in real-time. AI is proving beneficial in detecting malware, software vulnerability, and other security threats in real-time.

Besides this technical makeover, organizations are also proactively making efforts to adhere to the ever-changing security policies and regulations implemented by standards groups, industries, and governments. While compliance pressure continues to grow on organizations, solutions providers are assisting them in continuous risk profiling for assessing new and existing risks and strengthening the risk posture accordingly.

In the pursuit of securing the entire environment of the enterprises, the top enterprise security solution providers ensure an end-to-end structure. It begins with detecting the security threat, solving it, predicting if there is any potential vulnerability, and finally preventing the company from an impending security attack. Data encryption being the major concern of these solution providers, some of them have also started deploying solutions in crypto management. Remote access solution is another sector that these security providers are developing solutions on. In a market replete with promising enterprise security solution providers, businesses must identify an ally that can fit hand-and-glove with their respective business processes. To aid them on this mission, our illustrious selection panel—comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview—has narrowed down the top 20 enterprise security solution providers that exhibit competence in delivering competent solutions.

We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers 2019”.

Top Enterprise Security Solution Companies

Armorblox has constructed the natural language understanding (NLU) framework for data security using the recent developments in natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning. Armorblox also intends to add instruments that could be concealed in emails or linked to a file to discover malware. In addition to many modern DLP instruments, Armorblox is an instrument. Once clients become comfortable in their capacity, however, it is only a question of the importance before they begin switching off other DLP instruments. Armorblox also has a custom-made system for trusted safety service suppliers (MSSPs) that enables Armorblox to be deployed on behalf of various clients via a single leadership gateway

Founded in 2018, CESPPA is a crowdsourced application security platform—presenting a unique and effective hybrid of bug bounty and penetration testing platforms. The platform harnesses the collective knowledge of over 1,000 security experts to continuously discover and report security vulnerabilities for a wide range of applications. CESPPA is committed to addressing the needs of security researchers and clients alike by constantly improving, revamping, and adding new features to its offering. In an increasingly dangerous security environment for companies and organizations of any size, CESPPA is providing compelling new solutions to secure the internet

Consortium Networks’ crowdsourcing platforms connect the entire security fraternity—subject matter experts, solution providers and buyers—under one forum to leverage their combined knowledge and help participants choose the right cybersecurity products and solutions. The platforms act as a powerful medium for real-time information sharing on the latest trends, technologies, and practices in the cybersecurity space. Behind Consortium Networks’ unique operational model is president and CEO of the company Timothy P. Murphy who has served as the Deputy Director of FBI and worked with the federal agency for over two decades

A Santa Clara-based firm, Cyber Forza offers multi-layer, multi-level security software, Cyber Intelligent Security Software (CISS) to mitigate advanced security issues in the enterprise segment. The next-gen integrated security suite, which is powered by adaptive and cognitive AI algorithms helps identify, detect, and protect an entire organization from outside threats to the deepest internal endpoint. What truly separates CISS in the marketplace is its compliance with regulations, standards, and rules such as PCI-DSS, HIPPA, FISMA, CIS, SOX, and CDI and ability to operate with any existing security infrastructure. Today, clients from various sectors, including banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, education, and retail ride on Cyber Forza’s CISS coattails to protect their enterprises against sophisticated cyberattacks

CyOPs™ SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) the only patented platform of its kind, allows organizations to integrate enterprise teams, case management, operational processes, and all existing security tools into a single virtual hub. The solution enables enterprises to gain complete visibility and control over multiple cybersecurity data sources and doubles as a highly configurable, holistic incident response management system. The platform helps in auto-prioritizing alerts, filtering false positive alerts, investigate and resolve escalated incidents as well as track progress with customizable dashboards

Datasparc's web-based product DBHawk is a database management and data security tool. It provides secured data access across SQL and NoSQL databases hosted on the cloud or on premises with central security. Using DBHawk, customers can boost database development and BI productivity with DBHawk's advanced SQL query builder, charts-dashboard builder, report builder, online SQL editor and job scheduler

With an illustrious 30-year history in the cybersecurity space, F-Secure offers a solutions and services portfolio to enhance an enterprise’s cyber threat, monitoring, detection, and response capabilities. The portfolio comprises cloud-powered endpoint security and Salesforce protection solutions, F-Secure Radar (a turnkey vulnerability scanning and management platform), alongside a comprehensive rapid risk and response suite, and F-Secure Countercept (a continuous response solution that can detect and counter live cyberattacks). With its research-led knowledge and comprehensive technology stack, F-Secure drives the creation of newer technologies and services to enhance the incident response capabilities of the overall MDR sector

StealthPath uniquely provides defense-in-depth in an information/operations technology environment teaming with ever-changing cyber threats, including highly sophisticated attacks. StealthPath’s game-changing, zero-trust, patent-pending solutions go deeper, working at the fundamental data, packet, and protocol levels, protecting information and processes by neutralizing malware without impacting critical functionality. StealthPath’s platform provides significant value at every stage, from understanding the complete set of local and remote users, devices, and connections on client’s IoT network, to having the ability to shut down potentially harmful exploits before they can do damage


Accutive offers a complete variety of consulting, technology, and cyber safety facilities. From insight into technological improvements to item fit and choice and implementation of projects, we promote our customers. The Accutive group comprises of extremely skilled advisors who, immersed in centuries of business expertise, innovative technical specialists, and topic matter experts. Accutive is dedicated to a high-quality standard. The leadership team consists of hands-on experts who, as part of their dedication to project achievement, take an interest in each venture

BAP PolicySecure™

BAP software offers ongoing surveillance of your situation of policy and security control. Experience real-time gap assessment by controlling the mapping of events. Perform drilling down system-wide discernability or policy and monitoring specific activity. BAP, which stands for Build, Analyze, Protect, provides you with an extensive and smart perspective of the healthcare policy and control operation of your system. For organizations severe about responsible safety, BAP is the undisputed option. BAP PolicySecure automated enforcement technology that provides responsible safety in the GRC environment of the user with enhanced transparency

Baramundi software

Baramundi offers effective, safe and cross-platform management of workstation settings for businesses and organisations. Companies of every dimension and from each sector are all over the profitable limits from the many years of knowledge and excellent products of the autonomous German manufacturer. These are collected in the baramundi Management Suite into an embedded, forward-looking unified endpoint leadership strategy: endpoint leadership, mobile device management, and endpoint safety are given via a mutual interface, using a single database, and according to worldwide requirements


BeyondTrust is the privileged access management, providing the most seamless strategy to prevent information breaches associated with robbed identities, misused privileges, and remote access impaired. The extensible platform of BeyondTrust enables organizations to readily scale safety privileges as threats develop across endpoint, server, cloud, DevOps, and network device settings. BeyondTrust combines the most extensive pair of advantaged authenticate capabilities in the sector with centralized management, reporting, and analytics, allowing individuals to take pragmatic, reasoned action to defeat intruders. Its holistic platform stands out for its versatile architecture that simplifies integration, increases customer productivity, and maximizes profits in IT and safety


Bitdefender provides reliable safety on which you can depend. We have been a reliable safety supplier since 2001 with a global security distribution infrastructure that protects half a billion customers, ideal alternatives, and a wealth of prizes. Bitdefender operates in more than 150 nations with public organisations, big businesses, SMEs and personal people. Furthermore, they are committed to offering alternatives to each of the functional problems and necessitates – and their commitment is proving useful. Bitdefender's goal, fueled by its consistency of protection expertise and fast pace of research and innovation, is to supply groundbreaking privacy technologies to users and organizations around the world


CyberInt was established in 2010 to provide an advanced, smart alternative to the evolving trend of online-space cyber threats facing companies. In the midst of rapid digital transition, where companies are more susceptible than ever too far higher hazards and dangers within and beyond their perimeters, this risk is even more prevalent today. The integrative, end-to-end MDR service from CyberInt covers the globe and serves some of the world's largest retail, e-commerce, banking, and telecommunications organisations. CyberInt offers extremely automated real-time answers and strong, validated alerts using sophisticated studies and simulation of assaults from the view of the threat actor

Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian is the only data security platform in the industry that is designed to stop security breaches from both insiders and external opponents. The Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform operates throughout the business network, conventional endpoints and cloud applications. The DG Cloud, a backend of big data security analytics that sees and blocks all threats to sensitive information, supports it. With a preference on-premises, SaaS or managed service operation, it has enabled data-rich organizations to protect their most valuable assets for over 15 years. The unique data sensitivity of Digital Guardian, coupled with the identification and response of threats, allows organizations to protect data without slowing down their business

DriveLock International

Established in 1999, the German company DriveLock SE is now one of the world's leading IT and data protection specialists with headquarters and offices in Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East and the USA. The performance of companies in these days of digital metamorphosis relies on how efficiently people, businesses and services are safeguarded from cyber attacks and the loss of valuable information. The mission of DriveLock is to protect the data, devices and systems of the firm. With its security solution, DriveLock is actively involved in the market for more than 15 years

Erkios Systems

Erkios Systems was established in order to bring innovation to the field of data safety for defending details of the user. Erkios Systems experts understand that weakness is physical access to an enterprise networking device. Erkios Systems has created a notion that will physically safeguard ports on a critical infrastructure unit while delivering audit capacities through the design's logging, tracking and alert features. The item is distinctive to the contest as it offers both physical and logical security while retaining the capacity to audit access on a device from used and unused ports


ImmuniWeb ® is a global trademark held and operated by High-Tech Bridge, a Swiss corporation. High-Tech Bridge has initially been established as a penetration test boutique in 2007 and was subsequently acknowledged in 2012 by Frost & Sullivan as a significant service supplier in the developing European penetration test industry. High-Tech Bridge is a business accredited according to ISO 27001:2013. The accreditation guarantees client data confidentiality, continuity of the company, and compliance with best practices in information security administrators. High-Tech Bridge is a corporation that is CREST certified. The accreditation imposes an independent legislative evaluation of the technical and business processes of High-Tech Bridge


Medigate provides the only truly devoted safety platform for medical devices in the industry that recognizes and prevents all Medical Things Internet (IoMT) systems linked to the network of a healthcare provider. Medigate has developed a cybersecurity platform specifically and only for the distinctive requirements of medical devices and clinical networks, unlike overall IoT alternatives. Their alternative protects clinical networks from all perspectives by offering full visibility in all linked medical devices to recognize clinical-based danger, detect anomalies according to protocols of suppliers, and deliberately block malicious operations by incorporating into current firewalls or NAC of customers

Palo Alto Network

The worldwide leader in cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks, shapes the cloud-centered future with technology that transforms how individuals and organizations function. The task of Palo Alto Networks is to be the agent of decision for cybersecurity, saving the digital manner of life. Sustained technology that captures the recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration assist solve the world's biggest safety problems. They are at the heart of defending tens of thousands of institutions throughout clouds, networks, and mobile devices by providing an embedded platform and empowering a growing partner ecosystem